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Buttweld fittings

Buttweld fittings can be ordered online at We offer solutions for all requirements. Our assortment consists of a broad range of piping products. This includes pipe, fittings and flanges. All products that are needed in the piping industry are available at our one stop shop. Moreover, we also supply specials. These include specialized products designed and made to order by a team of engineers.

Buying buttweld fittings online

The main purpose of buttweld fittings is that they’re welded on site or in a pre fab shop to connect different pipes together. Due to fittings a pipeline can change in direction or pipe diameter, or branche or end. When the buttweld fittings are installed, they become part of systems for transporting fluids, like gas, oil and chemicals. At we sell seamless and welded buttweld fittings. Most Fittings are made directly from a section of seamless pipe material. One applies heat and pressure to transform the pipe into the preferred shape. Those can be elbows, but also caps, reducers or tees. We can offer our customers the following fittings:

  • Seamless elbows;
  • Seamless caps;
  • Seamless reducers;
  • Seamless tees.

    If you want more information about buttweld fittings or have any question, you can contact us. Our phone number is +31 10 261 8 261 .

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