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5D bend

Are you looking for a 5D bend? You can find them in our large collection of piping products at We help you empower your procurement with our possibilities. We like to call ourselves a one-stop shop for all kinds of piping products, such as a 5D bend, suitable for every market requiring standard or special products.

Why should you choose a 5D bend?

Pipes and pipe bends are used in the chemical, oil and gas and electric industry as a structural passageway for facilitating the transfer of all kinds of substances, for example water or fuel. These seamless pipes. can be supplied in all types of radiuses. The radius of bends is indicated by a number. The 5 in 5D bend stands for the radius. A 5D bend thus has a radius of five times the nominal diameter. Do you need such a bend for your piping system? Order it from our company’s wide range of products.

Place your order and benefit from fast delivery

Do you need a 5D bend? Or is a short radius elbow sufficient for your application? Simply select your product(s) of choice and place your order. For all the products you can buy online at, we guarantee a fast delivery. This way, your business can operate optimal again in a timely matter. Do you want more information about our company, our products or the process of ordering them? Please contact us by calling +31 10 261 8 261 or send an e-mail to

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