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API 5L X65 or X52 pipe

An API 5L X65 or X52 pipe is often used for gas, water and oil transportation. It is very important that the pipe is of high quality when used for such applications. Therefore, finding a supplier who can offer you high-quality products at preferably competitive prices is important. You have now found this supplier in! We bring the world of piping industry and today’s online world together by selling our products online. This way, there is one location where all our customers, regardless of their location, buy their needed piping products.

More information about API 5L X65 and X52 pipe grades

Both the API 5L X65 pipe and API 5L X52 pipe can be used for several applications, such as gas, water and oil transportation. They are suited for steel pipelines and sour service pipelines as well. Before you decide whether to buy an API 5L X65 or X52 pipe, you first need to know the difference. API 5L is a specification that provides standards for seamless pipes which can be used in conveying gas, water and oil in gas and oil industries. One can choose a seamless or welded steel line pipe. These pipes have different X grades. Besides X52 and X65 you can also choose X42, X46, X56, X60, X70 and X80. The numbers following the X indicate the Minimum Yield Strength of the pipes. You can use this information to choose the right API 5L pipe in our webshop for your application, for instance grade X65 or X52.

Order the right pipes for your application

At we tell you more about the various applications and our other pipes, such as A333 Grade 6 and A106 Grade B. Please contact us via +31 10 261 8 261 or if you wish to receive more information. As piping material experts, we will gladly help you find the right materials for your project. If you already know which pipes are right for your application, directly place your order.

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