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Swivel flanges are not regular flanges, but a combination of two constructions. Get these special flanges at PipingMarket.eu, your one-stop shop for piping products. We are a supplier of a broad range of piping products and offer every customer the right solution. We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by combining the world of piping industry and the internet together. The result is our online presence, supported by experience and product knowledge.

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Swivel flanges are made of two parts; the construction consists of a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring. The latter part serves as a mating flange to a weld neck or other flange. The rotating ring is held in position by a retaining ring. Swivel flanges are often used in offshore piping, where Copper Nickel products are of great importance due to their corrosion resistance. These flanges are available in different pressure ratings and dimensions. Send your quote request for any swivel flange by using our contact information.

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When you know the pressure and size for your required swivel flanges, we will quote them accordingly. If needed, we also calculate and design them for you. Do you have any questions about our swivel flanges or other products, such as our CuNi pipes? Please contact our company by calling +31 10 261 8 261 or sending an e-mail to sales@pipingmarket.eu.

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