A694 F65 flanges

There are many different grades of flanges, such as A694 F52 or F65 flanges. The flanges are used in the oil or natural gas industries. Do you wonder where you can buy these flanges and be sure you’re receiving high-quality? PipingMarket.eu is the supplier you’re searching for. We offer you one location to order all piping products. Besides flanges, we also sell pipes and different kind of fittings. Moreover, our specialized team can also design and produce specials for you. Examples are nonstandard products in special grades or engineered products with calculations.

A694 F52 or F65 flanges: which on do you choose?

There are many A694 flanges, like F52 and F65, but also F42, F46, F56, F60, F70 and F80. They all have their own properties, and mainly differ on their yield and tensile strength. They’re all made of carbon steel, but have various grades. We offer different kinds of carbon steel flanges, such as:

  • Welding neck flanges;
  • Blind flanges;
  • Socket welding flanges;
  • Slip-on flanges;
  • Lap joint flanges;
  • Threaded flanges.

    All these products can be inquired very easily online. Select a product, add it to your quote request and submit your quote request at the end. We’ll make sure to offer the delivery time you need.

    Special agreements

    Are you a regular customer of PipingMarket.eu? For all our regular customers we can offer special agreements. Contracts are very efficient and you can benefit from this. You can contact us when you want to check your possibilities. When you have questions about our A694 F52 and F65 flanges or any other product, you can also contact us. Our phone number is +31 10 261 8 261.

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