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Cunifer is the catchall colloquial name for an alloy of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe) rendered CuNiFe in proper molecular notation. This particular CuNi alloy is often used for pipes in the maritime sector. At we supply CuNi pipes for heat exchangers, fire extinguishing piping systems, sprinkler systems and cooling water systems.

Various applications for Cunifer in industrial piping

Cunifer piping is widely used in marine applications, offshore installations and shipbuilding industry. While the sea water environment is highly corrosive, CuNi pipes are very suitable in this environment. In addition, the copper content gives CuNi alloys anti-fouling properties. Their properties of anti-fouling and high corrosion protection make them a very economic choice to use in salt sea water systems. These seamless pipes are an excellent choice for both static and flowing fresh seawater environments.

Purchase all your Cunifer and CuNi pipes from us

At, we believe it is essential that our customers can view all relevant data of our piping products at a glance, to allow them to purchase what they need in an efficient manner. Therefore, we provide all this information for our specific products. This way, you rapidly find the CuNi 90/10 pipes, Copper Nickel 70/30 pipes or other materials you seek. When you want to order, simply add the desired quantity of the product to your quote and submit your request immediately. Your order will reach you in time, expedited through priority shipping if required. Do you want to know more about our Cunifer piping components? Reach out to our company’s experts by calling +31 10 261 8 261 or sending an e-mail to

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