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A860 WPHY 65

Are you looking for a A860 WPHY 52 or 65 pipe fittings? You can find all piping products at including all products from these two material grades. We sell all standard products online; one location where you can buy everything. Whatever you are looking for, we can offer the product you need. There are different product types, each with their own specifications and requirements and in different material grades. We make it easy to find exactly the product you’re looking for!

The differences between the A860 WPHY 52 and 65 pipe fittings

The 860 WPHY pipe fittings have a high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Due to these properties, these fittings are cost-effective. The A860 WPHY pipe fittings are available in different outside diameters, thicknesses, types, and both seamless, or welded. Moreover, there are also different specifications and grades. Besides the A860 WPHY 52 or 65 pipe fittings, one can also order WPHY 42, 46, 56, 60, 70 and 80. All these fittings can be bought from If needed we can immediately ship them to you.

All kinds of specials

Besides our standard products, like the A860 WPHY 52 or 65 pipe fittings, one can also order specials. We have a team of specialists who can offer all kinds of specialized products, including heavy wall items, special meterial grades and high demanding specifications and testing. When you’re interested, you can contact us.

Tailored advice

Every situation is different and therefore you won’t always need the same pipe fitting. When you are in doubt and don’t know whether you better order the A860 WPHY 52 or 65 pipe fittings, you can always contact us. Our professional employees can give you tailored advice. Don’t hesitate and call +31 10 261 8 261.

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Our team of specialists can offer all kinds of specials. Like special grades and engineered products with calculations. Please contact us.

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